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IMDb qualifier’s The North Film Festival (TNFF) is an international film festival, dedicated to international and European shorts and features of all genres - with quarterly live screenings online and an annual live screening and awards event in Stockholm, Sweden (February 23 - 24, - 2023). TNFF is partnered with the Love & Hope International Film Festival (L’HIFF) Barcelona - Spain Sep 15 - 22 2023.

Each quarter, the submitted projects are judged by an enthusiastic team of film industry professionals and academics.

The quarterly winners will automatically qualify to be screened at the TNFF annual event in Stockholm, Sweden (February 23 -24, - 2023) - and also to be both considered and compete for the coveted Annual awards.

TNFF Welcomes you to Stockholm.

Stockholm is a city that is open to different perspectives and new ideas. An amazing destination where innovations in music, film, design, fashion and technology are born. A place fit for creative visionaries such as you, Dear Filmmakers. And remember, bring your jacket, hat and gloves, if you're selected for the screenings in Stockholm on February 23rd - 24th 2023!



  • Festival Director

    Darwin Reina

  • Organizer - Swedish Negotiator

    Terese Winkler

  • Organizer

    Rubi Rios

  • Organizer / Jury Member / AD

    Marisa Martí

  • Jury Member

    Scott Simpson

  • Director / Co - Organizer of transport & Tours

    Steve Wilbur

  • Jury Member / Assistant Director & Organizer Uzoma Nwosu

  • Jury Member

    Jeza Belle

  • Organizer / Jury Member

    Rodrigo Torres

  • Organizer / Jury President

    Hasse Brontén

If you require any further information, feel free to contact us.

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